We: Embracing our human collective

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Hello,  It has been a long time since l last wrote to you. I took an opportunity for a Retreat in May with Inelia Benz at Clallam Bay in Washington. I can only say it was magical and extremely empowering. It was an experience that gave me focus and wider perspective to understand how we efficiently interact as co-creators in the human collective. How effortlessly we can manifest and change reality by letting our energy flow in our more natural state as energy beings. One of the main subjects, for the retreat, was the focus of the elements. Earth, water, air, fire and Spirit! The location to explore the elements was unique and well welcomed by Gaia, our Planet. But the most important integral information of the retreat was to embody the “We”. Meaning shifting our perception and instead of “I create” is “we co-create”, dropping the importance’s of the “I, me and myself”. We are inter connected within and with the entire universe, we only perceive an illusion of separation through programs and belief systems. Another key element in the process of co-creating and manifestation as “We”, is understanding that since we are energy and manifestation is energy exchange, we can perceive ourselves as part of an energetic “Circuit” rather than an exchange of energy or giving and receiving concept. You belong to a group, your family, work, school, book club or any other sport, hobby or personal interest groups. 

Now, do this simple exercise:

Visualize yourself not only being part of that circle but your energy “completing” the circuit. Do you notice the difference?

By completing the circuit, you are allowing the energy to flow. It is the integration of the “We” and not just “I”. This exercise will allow you to also clarify if you still belong to that group or if it is no longer in tune with your vibration! Ultimately, we are part of a collective and in the New Paradigm, we manifest our reality from joyful experiences, by expressing our highest creativity for a beautiful and empowering common place for US!

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