The Power of the Unknown

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I am experiencing 2018 as a year of unmasking, self-confrontation and integrity. And why not, since the world itself is in a state of extreme transformation!

The female is awakened and the male is in acceptance of it too. Despite all the overwhelming events in our world, the human collective has been on its path to balance for many decades.

Scientist have expansive research about the living processes and we don’t just endure, life either flourishes, evolves, or perishes. The limit to grow, the unbalance and the potential of extinction, are the 3 factors of the “Evolutionary Engine” of life.

We ourselves are the mirror of those complex living processes of a species. When part of our world is on the verge of a “catastrophe”, per say, we are pushed out of our comfort zone, away from what is familiar to us; almost inevitably our mind goes on and on about the possible outcomes and we enter into the “fear of the unknown”.

Only when we stop controlling the unknown and let go, when trust the process and we take a leap of faith, are able to implement a more complex model, reorganized and expand our consciousness. And yet, this is the hardest part of the evolution process: Trust of the unknown.

The attempt at controlling the unknown, to feel safe and avoid suffering is nothing other than our memories projecting in to the future.

Whether it is a relationship, a job or a material object, as Ho’oponopono points out, it can only be created from memory or Inspiration!

Allowing oneself to be in the state of trusting the unknown is to be completely in the present moment, in the “zero state”, the “void”. This is where inspiration shows up. Our job? Clear out the memories in our way!

The Power of the Unknown

Thanks to Neuroscience, these days, most of us are somehow familiar with what is the role of “fear” and the amygdala.

Most humans will have at least one or more things that they fear in life, no matter how dangerous or innocent the object of that fear may be. Fear often helps us with self-preservation. As a safety mechanism, our body’s intelligence has the ability to feel fear in order to protect ourselves from danger and to raise our awareness.

This awareness is controlled by the amygdala. The amygdala helps to store memories of events and emotions so that an individual may be able to recognize similar events in the future. The amygdala is responsible for the perception of emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness, as well as the controlling of aggression.

Our first emotional reaction of the unknown is fear, and fear is full of memories trying to protect us. But how can you create a healthy relationship with your fear in order to trust the future outcome? How can you use your emotion as a tool of spiritual and emotional growth? And furthermore, how can we achieve the state of “void, zero state (no memories)” to act from Inspiration?

Here are 3 concepts to dive into “trusting of the unknown”. At the end, I am sharing a few tools you can use for centering, resetting to our natural human species vibration and to be in present time.

1. Un-matching from Other People’s Emotions

As a child, our body/being communication is crystal clear, emotions are our body’s language and they function like some sort of thermometer, communicating to us when something is not right or when something is good for us.

Children naturally learn from observing others and depending on their environment like family or society, as we grow into adulthood, emotions have been shaped into what we are allowed to express and what we are not.

The practice of centering, going inward, helps to bring awareness on what is truth to you, the more that you practice, you will begin to recognize what are your emotions and what emotions you have adopted from members of your family or friends in your community.

2. Resetting to Your Vibration

As a human species, we hold an original vibration, the closest in words is Joy/Light/Love, as Inelia Benz describes it. This vibration is what unifies us all as a human race. But also, we have our own personal vibration, our signature vibration. Our “gifts”, passions, aptitudes, self-expression is what colors this life experience collectively.

Our personal beliefs are shaped through personal experiences, family and society beliefs. Through past experiences, this life time and past life times, behavior has been mapped out and created patterns, very often limiting how we fully express that “signature vibration”.

The more we allow ourselves to be in the state of Joy/Light/Love, the more we detach from fear and have permission to just be, the state of “being”.

3. State of Being

Many of us grow up pushed to be an adult to find a responsible and productive job, leaving little space to enjoy what we love, what brings us joy or ultimately just “being”. We are high wired to constantly doing something, not wasting time and being productive.

Can we allow ourselves to “being”? Like sitting down drinking a cup of tea and doing nothing. Yes, nothing means, not reading a book, not meditating, not watching TV or not doing your nails. The challenge is in the simplicity. Training our body to become conscious about what pushes us to either replay the past or rehearsing the future, and eventually be in the present moment.

What is your centering practice? Allow yourself time for it, start with 5 min. to 10 min. daily. Here 3 steps for a very simple practice of centering you can try too:

1. Grounding to Earth: Anchor your first chakra, located in the base of your spine, to the center of the planet. You can imagine any shape, color or image for the connecting cord. Imagine you are releasing anything (at energetic level) that is not yours, and keeping only your energy in place; release, don’t analyze it and allow the planet to take care of the rest.

2. Connecting to the Universe: Anchor your seventh chakra, located on the top of your head, to the center of the sun. All your personal information comes through this connection, some call it higher self, highest creativity, etc. You are allowing yourself to receive your energy in no time no space and to connect to the universe. Allow this energy to come through your entire body and hold onto it.

3. Be Willing: Focus on your body’s energy, to keep it simple observe the color of its vibration and imagine your body’s energy to be crystalline, pure and flowing. Now bring your energy into its natural human species vibration: Joy Light, Love. Here you can allow yourself to connect with the human collective and any beings that are in this vibration as well.

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