The One Sign of "That is Good for You"

Our body is our Compass. Our emotions are how our body communicates what resonates with or if something is dissonant. The other night before class, a participant commented that she usually feels tired and has to drag her body to class, every Tuesday. This is a self-empowerment class that holds high frequency content and exploration, and the participants are amazing, sharing so many insights. But If this participant feels consistently tired every time class is happening, does it mean she shouldn’t attend? Should she follow what her body is communicating to her? Have you ever noticed that when you are ready to take a step up towards your self-empowerment, new resolutions or better habits, many things will come up to delay your start or to stop you? This experience is very common. And I am talking about achieving even simple things like walking in nature, learning something new, starting a healthier diet, spending more time with your love ones or simply have quality time by yourself. This is called Resistance to Growth. A Growth Period From the energy/quantum perspective, you are changing your vibrational level to a new level of awareness, a higher frequency. The first time I heard about this concept we called it “Growth Period”, your vibrational level is adjusting and everything around you will have to adjust as well, relationships, work, and first and foremost your own body. Neuroscience explains this better: Your entire body runs through the day with its familiar circuitry, thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts stimulate the brain sending messages (chemicals) to the rest of the body that create specific emotions, at the same time when your body feels these emotions, it sends a rush of energy to the brain influencing the same thoughts, creating a loop that your entire body is very familiar with. When we choose to change those thoughts or emotions, we are breaking the circuit, the chemistry in our body changes and makes us feel uncomfortable. Our body wants to return to what is familiar to it. so it resists the change. The body is stronger than the new thought because it has been conditioned that way for so long, then self-sabotage emotions will surface. Why? From the biology standpoint, our body is stepping into the unknown and it prefers to create from what is familiar. For most of us our up bringing has programmed us to “be prepared” and have complete control of our lives. The not knowing and the unfamiliar feeling will immediately put us into Fear. Next time that you experience this resistance when you are embarking into a new positive learning experience and your body feels excited and enthusiastic about it, be aware that, that step into your expansion of awareness and growth “It is Very Good for You”! In my personal experience the more the resistance the better the outcome is. Three Things to Support the Rewiring of our Brain 1. Don’t indulge – emotions are addictive, and the emotions that reaffirm past painful experience will drain our energy and will stick us in the cycle. Avoid movies, songs or news that promote sadness, fear or anger, this is an open door to more low frequency experiences. 2. Pamper your body – pleasing and supporting our body with healthy choices: more sleep, nurturing food, more hugs, yoga or dance, 2 min. breaks of conscious breathing, a massage, manicure/pedicure, soak in the tub, aromatherapy, or more play! 3. Day dreaming – Our brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not, close your eyes for 5 minutes a day and imagine a new state of mind or being. What is it that you want, how does it feel? The emotions generated from your thoughts and imagines are the bridge into embodying a new life experience.

In support of self-awareness, iliana

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