Tapping into Abundance

Do you know that everything you have always want is already out there?  But you may wonder why I can’t have it, why is it not here, right now. It is a vibrational miss match between our Emotional State of Being and the vibration of Abundance!

“Ask and You Shall Receive” This is a famous Bible quote and one of my favorites. When I was a kid, I asked my dad, is it true? Just like that? He responded, “Yes, always, but you must Believe”.

We are always heard, the Universe always responds to the vibration we are communicating in. Our thoughts, words, actions and emotions are fully charged with vibration, either in low frequency or high frequency, and they affect directly how we create and experience our lives. I found myself sometimes asking for something, really, really wanting it, but feeling scarcity inside! What a contradiction, I must be confusing the Universe!

There are many elements with regards to Abundance and how to stay in the “vibration” of prosperity, affluence and wealth! It is now scientifically proven that emotions are the strongest factor in healing, from a disease, weakening of our bodies or being prone to illness. From my own personal experience, I believe the key to obtaining what we want is through our bodies and our emotions. When I look back at the biggest creations in my life, I realize that the common factors are enjoyment, creativity, self-expression, and validation. All of these encompass the emotions of joy, playful, enthusiasm, freedom, and fulfillment!

The more you harness high frequency activities, thoughts and words, the more you’ll be able to reach a high frequency Emotional State of Being, and then you will be at the same vibrational level of Abundance.

Join us, “INjoy Co-Creation Program”, Module 2: Abundance, starts December 3rd, 2019

Excited to explore more of Abundance with you!


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