Rewrite Your Story, Reinvent Yourself

What is Your Story?

We experience life through the stories we hold within

Aware or unaware of the stories we tell ourselves, it is what defines Who We Are and what we manifest in life. All aspects in life!

Our beliefs (programs) attached to a story, is what allows us to expand or limit our awareness. What is the story you tell yourself constantly? Are there more than one? It’s easy to stay into what happened, who’s fault was it, and to excuse our actions. Were you the victim or the aggressor? The truth is, It Doesn’t Matter, stories can hold us back from our highest potential. Ask yourself: By holding onto this story what am I manifesting right now? Does the story add to or subtract from my life? And yet, many times we are not even aware that we are carrying a story that doesn’t serve us. Emotional triggers point to programs (beliefs) Take a look at one particular Emotion and write down the feelings attached to it. For example: “I am sad”, the feelings attached can be betrayal, unloved, left out, etc. “I am angry”, the feelings attached could be abuse, disappointment, mistrust, etc. Emotions are experienced in the body while feelings are mental concepts (beliefs/programs). This is the key, trace back where those feelings coming from, you will find the program or belief that will lead you to a particular experience that created them. The Story.

Rewrite Your Story

To Reinvent ourselves, sometimes we need to drop “that” story. We hold the power to change how we will experience a new chapter in our lives. This is one of the simplest and most powerful “tools” I’ve learned from Inelia Benz – “Just Drop it” Practicing this a few times a day and imagining “how it feels” without that story. If you are ready to take a step up in your awareness, joy and abundance, here are some tips that will help supporting you “dropping” the story in the process of reinventing yourself. #1 Process the Emotions: Do not resist your emotions, instead allow the emotions to grow and exist in your energy field (body and mind), let it grow and embrace it with your love, light and love. It is called the “Fear Processing Exercise” you can find it Here #2 Change your Perspective: Focus on positive and joyful things. Change your routine, add one action that brings you joy. You can simply listen to uplifting music or watch an empowering or comedy movie, avoiding indulging activities or conversations that point to low vibration emotions. #3 Define your Goals: Write down simple goals that motivate you. It is easier to categorize your goals as: a) Spiritual  b) Personal  c) Occupational/Career Create a vision board, have fun with it, put together a combination of images defining your goals and images that represent the feelings experiencing the things you want. What we chose moment to moment is how we write our story

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