Money and Our Chi

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“Money and Our Chi” was the theme of our July Embody Manifestation Circle. Since it was only an “online” session, it was easier to record it. As I was listening to the recording, I felt compelled to share it with you because where we spend our energy is affected by money and vice-versa. Also, all the beliefs and programs around money, limits how and what we manifest as a collective! What does Money have to do with our Energy? Money is the main medium of exchange and measure of value. All your basic needs are primarily obtained through exchanging money. And the main source of money is through the exchange of our services, our jobs, and our energy.

Anything you see physically, as part of your reality, has been imagined before. If we understand the steps of how energy manifests into something tangible, we can see where there may be blockages when it comes to creating.

1. Intentions are thoughts. Our wishes and desires are mental images first, coming from either inspiration or memory.

2. Thoughts in our brain assess pros and cons while they are communicated to our body through Emotions.

3. Emotions are the fuel or energy that propel our body into action. If there is something that we believe will bring us joy and happiness, it will transform into a positive emotion. At the same time, if there is a conscious or unconscious painful “memory”, it will translate into a negative emotion.

4. The strongest emotions from that wish or desire will dictate the manifestation into 3D—whether you purchase the desired item, you receive it as a gift from someone, or you might find it in the street. The “how” is endless!

How can we identify the blockages? Through our physical body and our emotions. We can say that emotions are the bridge from the intention or wish into manifesting something physically. So, if our body keeps experiencing lower vibration emotions, we are controlled or limited to HOW and WHAT we can manifest.

The two major emotions that can paralyze our bodies from creating and manifesting are FEAR and SURVIVAL.

And where does fear and survival come from into our lives? Through our BELIEF SYSTEMS and PROGRAMING. If you want to learn more about this topic, I highly recommend you listen to the recording (I edited it to a length of 55min or so). It has exercises that will open your awareness, help you recognize where your blockages are, and re-set your Money space!

You need to allow space to listen to the recording.. HERE

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