Little Monkeys Art Enrichment

Actualizado: 20 de nov de 2018

A Movement-Based Expressive Arts Enrichment Program with Iliana Rojero Wilson and Project Commotion Staff. At Project Commotion, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm - 3:30pm for ages 3 ½ - 6 years.

Little Monkeys Arts Enrichment is a movement-based expressive arts class that combines kinesthetic intelligence and creative expression. Movement is a key component of childhood development, because children at an early age operate primarily on a sensory level as they attempt to make sense of new ideas and concepts. The art portion of the program is an extension of the movement experience, and serves as a vehicle of self-reflection, spontaneity, risk-taking, and experimentation. This school year classes will incorporate art, music, movement & storytelling inspired by cultural dances and folklore of Brazil.  This curriculum is also based on the development and integration of the emotional and social self. In order to create empathy, we need to have a clear sense of who we are, which, in the context of early childhood development, means having a clear sense of our body and our emotions. Children’s natural curiosity is the driving force behind this curriculum. While children are constantly learning from their environment, each child will perceive an event in his or her own unique way. Early childhood learning, therefore, develops individually through inquiry, critical thinking, and co-creation.

Instructor: Panda Deda

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