Intention and Choice: stepping out of limiting experiences

Each summer we spend at least a couple of weeks in Mexico visiting family and friends. Although it is nice to see my family, it also triggers old programming at social and cultural levels as well.

While attending the May Retreat at Clallam Bay, we were guided through a beautiful group meditation that connect us, as a group, at our highest vibration with the human collective and our planet. During this meditation, there was a phrase that now resonates with me every time a low vibration experience wants me to engage. When this happens I remind myself of these words:

”... In a high frequency there is no space for Worthlessness nor Drama”

This powerful statement allows you to be in a higher vibration, separating your higher self, which vibrates in joy-light-love, from the programs and memories that trigger a low vibration emotion. There are two very important points to consider In order to step out of limiting experiences:

  • The Intention to be high frequency, that allows you to stay focused.

  • Awareness of when your Ego wants to take over. Know when to defend your point of view or beliefs, the majority of the time it is not worth it, and can be a trap that hooks you into a low vibration encounter.

Have you ever been in a situation where you do not want to engage but your emotions are so intense (triggered) making it very difficult for you to resist reacting? The most common emotion triggered when you are in the middle of a low vibration experience  with others is “Righteousness” - the quality of being morally right or justifiable - whether the other/s are right or wrong. You might be asking how to overcome this strong emotion.

Here are 3 steps for you to embody your high frequency at all times:

1. Choose to be in your high frequency, you are naturally the vibration of love, light and joy. 2. Step out of worthlessness or drama, just drop it.

3. Be aware that you are the human collective, and the human collective is Gaia.

Once you are determined to embody a high vibration state at all times, guess what?! You are also supported by anyone in the human collective, vibrating in that high frequency, and their Entourage!

"Your Strength is Our Strength, Our Strength is Your Strength" 

Can you feel the power of the above words? Your actions, desires and goals are potentiated. As I mentioned in the last email, shifting your self perception from "I" to "Us", the dynamic changes completely to the power of a community versus individual. This shift will potentiates your Intention!

Here is a simple question you can ask when in doubt:

“Is this [action/decision] in OUR best benefit?”

Iliana :)

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