From Achieving to Receiving

We create our Reality

We have big expectations for 2019 after last year rocky-shaky experience. Numerologists, mystics and channelers, are giving us the general idea for what "this year is all about":  2019 is the year of claiming, the year of creativity, self-expression and manifestation. The intentions we set last year, the work we started and committed to is about to flourish and grow.  Instead of stressing out about achieving, we can focus on Receiving.

Why Receiving? Receiving is the balance or counterpart of Giving.

We have grown up in a culture of over doing, there are many beliefs around working hard to get your goals. We think too much, and plan too much, we end up “giving” our energy away more than using our energy to achieve our goals.

But how can we find the balance between giving and receiving?

Three important aspects of “Receiving” are:

  1. Our Power

  2. Value exchange

  3. Deserving

1. Our Power

Everything is energy, our thoughts, our emotions, our cells, our Chi and everything around us is chi as well.

Energy expresses in different forms with its own purpose of existence. We are born in perfect harmony with our energy, life experiences enhance or disrupt our energy field, but our body’s wisdom knows how to come re- balance, it uses its power!

What is Power? Some of the definitions I found, and a higher percentage of people’s opinion, were related to “the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events”. Many times, power is seen as an extraordinary ability. Some people are afraid of this word and relate it with “taking advantage of someone or something” as many associated it with “control”.

The word Power comes from the Latin “posse” – be able! Power = our ability to do.

Anything and Everyone has its own power, power is our purpose of existence: a tree is chi and it has the power to grow leaves and fruits.

Power inhabits naturally in us, is the component of the energy that knows how to best deliver and/or use our Chi.

So, when we talk about self-empowerment, we are talking about acting upon our “Will”, the driven force in all humans for the creative purpose. Will is “the mental faculty by which one deliberately selects, the strongest desire at the call of action”.

Our Power is the conscious decision to channel our Will - our ability to make our own choices.

When over stressed, either physically, mentally or emotionally, our energetic body is like a ripped sac of rice, our energy scatters out of our field. We little act upon our will, because is so much demand and pressure that we become Power-less.

When our Chi is in harmony, our power surfaces naturally. The more we balance our energy (thoughts, emotions, body) the easier it is to self-express, “to channel our Will”.

Power is self-expression, it is our highest creativity.

“Power will guide us to flow into the path of least resistance”

When in your personal meditation, take a look at your seventh chakra, your crown, this center of energy contains all your personal information, knowledge, awareness. This is the space where you decide how to experience life. Take a look at it and reset its vibration at seniority, certainty and splash of amusement!

2. Value Exchange:

We are constantly creating, consciously or unconsciously. When we are creating, a job, a relationship, a house, or a state of mind, we assign a value, and the manifestation itself is an exchange of energy.

The most tangible example is when exchanging work for a salary, it is our creativity, our time invested that we are exchanging for. In the old times, we used to exchange through “barter”, most common it was used in exchange of products without the use of money. But also, there are many other forms of energy exchange like time and emotions to mention some.

Subconsciously we assign value to what we do or want based on what we see around. How much does a “X” type of job pay? What are the role expectations in a relationship, who invests more energy into it? And this value is also directly affected by our cultural and religious beliefs, in general.

We are so conditioned to our environment, that we think it is permanent, un-changeable.

We assume value to what we do without questioning, because there is a common agreement in our society. But when we consciously look at that value exchange, aside from what the pre-set agreement is and reset our value, we are then sending a clear communication to everything around us about how we value our energy.

How much is your time and energy worth?

When we were selling our condo our first realtor set the price at the market value. In a conversation with a neighbor and friend also a realtor, he said, “Ohh we can easily get more than that, there is always someone that will pay for what you ask”. We switched agents. But my question is, who establishes the value of anything?

This simple exercise will help you to re-set values for any items (or goals) you want to achieve, career or occupation, relationship, emotional state of a physical item.

  1. Sit down and with your eyes closed, choose an area of your life you want to transform or grow, or the item you want to manifest, look at it and see its energetic value. For example, your job: what is the salary in exchange for the working hours, job description, etc. I am very visual so usually I assign a color that represents the vibration of the item, for example, “blue” (the color encompasses all the attributes, it represents a vibration).

  2. Now, imagine separating your item from what is pre-set, how much do you value it, how important is for you? You can be more specific about it and define the money you want to earn, the time you want to spend, environment, etc.

  3. If you chose to assign a color, what color represents the vibration of all that, what color represents the new vibrational value assigned? Are there any limits on how or when you are supposed to have it?

There is no right or wrong, the importance here is becoming conscious about it and empowering yourself!

3. Deserving

This concept is specially interesting because it will bring us awareness about the family, cultural or religious programs and beliefs blocking our “Right to Have”.

Similar as the “value-exchange” concept, deserving has to do with us realizing we are as valuable as anyone else. No single one of us is more or less deserving.

A great example is the movie “Like Water for Chocolate”; is a story of a family conformed by a mom and 3 daughters in the times of the Mexican Revolution. The youngest sister falls in love with a handsome boy. When his family comes to her house to ask for permission to get married, the mother of the girl replys back: “Sorry, she can’t be married at all, because she is the youngest and her duty is to take care of me till I die”. This was a very common cultural custom in Mexico during the early 1900!

Many times, we encounter programs or beliefs, whether we are conscious of them or not, that creates blockages for us to receive what we want. Another good example is when mothers, put all their responsibilities before allowing time for themselves. They just can’t have it, and if they do, they can’t avoid feeling guilty.

A very good friend got a job opportunity at a nonprofit organization, referred by another friend that worked in the same company. She wrestled internally, heart and mind, conflicted that she didn’t finish college. “I don’t deserve it” she said to me. But it was her passion, she was excellent for the position! At the end it was so much pressure by what is the “normal process” of getting a job that she didn’t accept the position.

Sometimes what we see around seams so solid, that it is hard for us to accept that there are many other ways than what family or society tells us, and we end up controlling how we want things to manifest.

Each one of us has special talents and interests, we experience joy and enthusiasm and we excel at it, because it is an expression of our energy, it is an expression of our creativity. As we express freely, through our talents and affinities we co-create this life experience, this reality, as species.

No one is less or more important deserving of a good quality of life, a loving relationship, a fulfilled job, etc. Thus, our birth right, as creative beings is to enjoy our creations, to enjoy life. Deserving can be measured in many ways, it ranges from accepting someone ‘s complement to the dress we are wearing or our beautiful eyes, through accepting we can have a luxury life.

Take a look at the item you want to have. Can you have it? What is in the way?

Are you worthy? We can go on with thelimitsabout being qualified in order to “Receive” what you want, but if we assure ourselves as deserving beings, we won’t settle for less, we will continue thriving for a happy and abundant life.

We all deserve good things and a good life. Let your light shine, live, love and enjoy!

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