Awakening the Sacred Wombyn Retreat

Actualizado: 20 de nov de 2018

What is the Sacred Wombyn?

For thousands of years, the Sacred Wombyn has served the community as healers and leaders. Her ancient medicine has brought healing, restoration, connection and wisdom to the deepest wounds. 

We still hold this power deep within ourselves and within our Wombs. It is time for Women to tap into our inner wisdom and uncover the magic and healing power within ourselves. Once we recognize ourselves as Medicine Women we can bring balance and healing to Earth and the human collective.

Two days retreat at Pepperwood Preserve in Santa Rosa, Ca.

For registration and more detail see here:

​DATE: April 6th & 7th, 2019

FACILITATORS: Iliana Rojero & Panda Deda

COST: $320


  • Saturday Lunch & Dinner

  • Sunday Breakfast & Lunch

  • Room & Board (camping or 4 person room)

  • Workshops & Group Activities

  • Guided Hiking & Movement Sessions


  • Snacks

  • Transportation (however we can help arrange carpooling)

​More details HERE

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