The Art of Centering

6 module

self-paced digital format course

30-45 min/module

For Anyone  21+

Take the lead into a new way of being.

Step out of overwhelm into grounding & balance. This course is focused on implementing meditation tools to bring awareness into Your Center for you to:​

  • Understand space and energy to create healthy boundaries.

  • Learn how to experience more energy and vitality.

  • Shift your attention to re-create your reality.

  • How you create more of what you enjoy by increasing your ”havingness” – your ability to have.

Project Divine Creativity

6 module

self-paced digital format course

1 hr / module

For Women 21+ ONLY

Women have the wisdom to heal, enjoy and manifest life. Why is so hard for us sometimes to manifest our goals? By releasing other people's emotions, expectations and judgement, we can also stop creating the in same patterns. This course focuses on recovering the nature of Woman as a Divine Being of Creativity. Own your information to: 

  • Validate and heal your physical body.

  • Experience the healing power of self validation and ownership of your information.

  • Balance your male and female energy and learn how both are critical in your manifestations.